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Test your DNS server today.

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What is pre-delegated domain check?

An pre-delegated domain test is a test performed on a domain that can (but need not) be fully published in DNS.

This can be very useful if you are considering moving your domain from one registrar to another. Let us take, for example, the domain example.se being moved from the name server ‘ns.nic.se’ to the name server ‘ns.iis.se’.

In this case, you could run an undelegated domain test on the domain (example.se) with the name server you are moving to (ns.iis.se) BEFORE you go through with the move.

When the test shows green, you can be fairly certain that your domain’s new home is able to answer questions about your domain. However, there may still be errors in the zone data that this test does not know.

About Zonemaster

Give your domain a complete physical! Zonemaster helps you to control how your website is doing. As a bonus, you also get a better understanding of how the domain name system, DNS, works.

When a domain (also called zone) is sent to Zonemaster, the program investigates the state of the domain from beginning to end. This is done through Zonemaster examining DNS from the root (.) to the TLD (top-level domain, for example, .se), and then finally through the DNS servers that contain information about the specified domain (for example, zonemaster.se).

Zonemaster is also able to perform many other tests, for example, checking the DNSSEC signatures, that different hosts can be accessed and that the IP addresses are valid. This is all to make sure that your domain runs as good as possible.

About the domain name system, DNS

Most people who use the internet have never reflected over what actually happens when one types an address in their web browser and then clicks the enter button.

To simplify, the domain name system, (DNS) is a database that associates domain names to IP addresses, the same way a phone book associates names to phone numbers.

An IP address is a unique series of numbers that identifies every computer that is connected to the internet. It’s similar to the way every telephone has its own number in the telephone network.

A long series of numbers works fine for computers, but it’s difficult for people to memorize. Therefore, DNS has been developed – an extra system for us when we want to reach a web server on a specific site or an email server we want to send an email to.

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